• personal protection GPS system – MAN DOWN
  • voice GSM/GPRS/SMS communication
  • A-GPS for indoor location
  • resistant housing

Precise position location on map, immediate communication.

ACTIVE TRACK is a new security device manufactured by EBS integrating a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS mobile phone in a very durable casing. This functional advanced device can be applied indoor and outdoor because of A-GPS service supporting GPS signal from satellites by GSM/GPRS.

It is not only the source of control but also increases the safety of, e.g. guards working on their own (Lone

Worker Protection) due to the built-in accelerometer and the PANIC function.

1. GPS button
2. CALL ME button
4. PANIC button

You can test our device with our new, easy to operate web application with customer oriented interface:

  • Real-time monitoring of connection status, battery level, GSM signal strength
  • Preview on the map current and historical position of Active Track device (date, time, speed, direction, altitude)
  • Processing alarm events in real time

How it works

Active Track has 4 function buttons supporting the device’s operation in an easy and quick manner. One of them may be freely configured depending on the device’s version and the customer’s needs.

    It makes it possible to send the GPS position via SMS
    The device enables two-way voice communication, replacing a mobile phone. The button marked with the handset makes it possible to send the signal through GPRS with a request for a call-back (short press) or a call directly to a preset number, e.g. the police, the fire brigade, the dispatch officer (button held). It is also possible to call the Active Track device from an authorized phone number.
    Depending on the device’s version, the location option is available. Therefore, it is possible to send information from the control point along with the GPS location or a readout of RFID points to the server. Data from the readout is sent via with the GSM channel to the server or to a selected phone number. Monitoring software makes it possible to set time frames for the tag readout. When there is no readout within the set time, the monitoring station is notified about the irregularities.
    Active Track has a PANIC button which is used in situations of hazard for life and health or situations requiring an immediate intervention. After the button is pressed, the device sends an alarm signal to the monitoring station and/or directly to the user via an application in the phone or a web application.

operating diagram active track

Features and benefits of Active Track device

The personal location device Active Track GPS/GPRS/SMS/VOICE makes it possible to locate and supervise persons and mobile objects in real time. Apart from monitoring and logistic functions, the device makes it possible to establish voice communication (e.g. with the Monitoring Center or emergency services). Due to the use of the latest technologies, the system is characterized by long operation time with battery power supply and the built-in accelerometer makes it possible to obtain information whether the person with the device is moving or whether e.g. suddenly fell down.

Active Track stands out from among devices available on the market by a strong and resistant casing which enables operation in difficult conditions. Numerous seals, shock absorbers, an ergonomic shape and small sizes make Active Track irreplaceable in technical and utility applications.

nato cataloque

We are pleased to inform you that our Active Track has received the NATO NSN (NATO Stock Number) 582543002239 from the Military Center for Standardization, Quality and Codification and is entered into the NATO’s Master Catalogue of References for Logistics.

Data contained in the NSN will be available for national codification offices, armed forces and government institutions of countries participating in the NATO Codification System.

1. GPS i RFID in one device

Now you may select between Active Track with RFID, with GPS or GPS & RFID. All functions available in one device!

2. Two-way voice communication

Active Track may be used as a mobile phone – the user may make a direct call to a previously preset number or send a signal to the monitoring center with a request for contact. It is also possible to call the device’s number.

3. Calling for help in emergency situations

Due to the PANIC button, the user may send an alarm signal with a request for assistance through GPRS in emergency situations.

4. MAN DOWN sensor

The MAN-DOWN function is guaranteed by the built-in accelerometer which monitors the device’s location and immediately alerts about a possible life-threatening situation. In the case of deviations from the previously set scope or detection of stillness, Active Track automatically sends a message about the irregularities.

5. A-GPS – technology supporting GPS

A-GPS makes it possible to track not only on the outside but also (in most cases) in rooms. Under adverse conditions it supports the GPS system by sending data from satellites through wireless networks (Internet, GSM) necessary to determine the position.

6. GeoFencing

The possibility to plan the route and monitor its actual course in real time. In the case of leaving the designated area / route, information about the irregularities is sent. An effective tool for controlling employees, children, may also be used with house arrests. Function offered by the software.

7. Sabotage alarm

A built-in sensor alarming about excessive overloads indicating an attempt to destroy the device. Active Track also has a protection against unauthorized flap opening or an attempt to unscrew.

8. Web application for monitoring the device’s movement

A convenient web application enabling on-line access from almost any place.

9. Large memory capacity

Built-in memory may contain a history of up to 2,000 events providing access to the history of visited places and alarm events.

10. Programming the keys

The possibility to program the button in a manner making it possible to send an SMS with the GPS position to a smartphone.