screen patrolcontrol appGUARD TOUR & TRACKER & PHONE

  • mobil app, patrols in real time
  • voice GSM/GPRS/SMS communication
  • lonely worker protection
  • personal GPS tracker

The sensor function can hold any smart mobile phone that meets HW requirements.

Recommended by us is Ulefone X5 or Doogee S40, which can capture control points, monitor GPS position, transmit data, record impact, and also meet the IP-68 standard, which guarantees its high resistance in demanding operating conditions.

Application PATROL GSM for smartphone

Standard Android app (from v.5). This is a version for managers and controllers that serves to control, view, and edit the website of the Management Portal PATROLCONTROL.

User mode PATROL GSM GUARD (guard)

This application option is for guards.  After installing the phone, the phone is permanently switched to an environment that allows only guard jobs, but completely eliminates the possibility of using the phone for private activities such as calls or surfing the Internet.

screen patrolcontrol app screen patrolcontrol app