• metalic version, presskeyless solution
  • vandal resistant & durable construstion
  • easy to use iButton cotact technology
  • data without the possibilityof falsification


The KOSguard accurate, uncompromising documentation of patrol data through electronic system.

The system uses resistant iButton contact chips as checkpoints or personal guard chip, which are retrieved into the sensor of security guard patrol system KOSguard.


  • durable, lightweight, handheld sensors with high long service life and optimized memory capacity up to 8000 events, without unnecessary controls and moving parts
  • system works with a resistant iButton contact chips
  • simple installation with no need for external power supply and cabling
  • easy operation and maintenance of the system
  • automatic evaluation of accuracy made patrols
  • quality evaluation software
  • warranty and after warranty service is provided by the next working day after delivery to us
  • granted a certificate VTÚE of 2001
  • extensive distribution network ensures maximum customer support


1. Identification of guards

You have to assign to each guard a personal chip. Once the guard attach the chip to the sensor tour begins.

2. Guard tour / patrol

Control points are located in the area the way, that the patrol interfere in any desired locations. The guard bypasses control points in the order and time limit. Successful load of each control point sensor confirms with optical an acoustic signal.

3. Transfer data to a data collection chip

Before completely filling the memory reader announces signal (2x beeps, blinks 2x) the need for data download. This is done using a data chip (works similar to Flash drive), which reads 1,000 events from the sensor.

Data chips are used to avoid the need to transport the sensor from an object to evaluate the data and that it can continue to be used without interruption.

4. Loading of patrol data into the PC, their evaluation

Data collected from sensors are possible to transfer via the adapter connected to the PC with installed program WSOK.

Transferred data are evaluated according pre set-up criteria. The result is a list of patrols clearly showing the correctness of execution. It is possible to generate extracts and reports for customers or supporting documentation for invoicing.


KOS SENSORsensor KOS for KOSguard system, patrol control device

The sensor will assign a chip code with timestamp and store it in its memory. Capacities range from sensor 500 to 8000 events (1 = 1 chip load event).

The calculation of the appropriate sensor capacities: number of control points * number of patrols per day * period-the number of days – reading data chip).

Does not contain control elements and thanks to metallic body is very resistant to rough handling.


Identification chips are used as a control points for tours and rounds.

It is possible to stick to the surface of two-component epoxy adhesive, or using a plastic handle and screw.

Guard cidentificati chips for KOSguard systemhips are used to differentiate data in the sensor. It serves as a marker thanks to which the software can automatically differentiate specific patrols of each guard. This chip is necessary for correct evaluation of patrols.


Data chips contain memory and battery. They can be compared with a flash drive. Attaching data chip to the sensor data chip reads 1,000 events, which are then transferred to a PC via an adapter. For easier recognition from conventional chips are data chips delivered with the red key fob.

Data chip can set the time in sensors or copy the data without their removal from the sensors (for instance, to control the inspection).


adaptor USB KOSguardThe adapter is used to communicate between a PC and chips. Downloads data, sets the chips for their functions as a transfer, copy or time data chip. Adapter is used as a hardware key for the WSOK program. This means that for unique adapter number exist unique license code for evaluation software.

Adapter is made for USB port only.